How you can use your language skills to be free of the 9-5, WITHOUT having to start a business from scratch!

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If the pandemic has left you wanting to change your life, and you don't know where to turn or what to do next . . .

Introducing your presenter: Ellie Baker

Introducing your presenter: Ellie Baker

"I love helping linguists who are desperate to have more time, freedom and joy in their lives. After working with many professionals, teachers and parents just like you, I understand the frustration that comes from struggling to being a good employee, mother and partner.

Together, on this one of a kind training we will finally solve this and give you "The BilinguaSing Business Method" so you can feel free of these feelings and move away from this stressful way of living quickly, easily and affordably.

I cannot wait to see you on the training and show you this system to ensure you can also benefit from using your languages to be happy and free!"

In This 45 Minute 'No Cost' Online Training You Will Discover...

  • The simple, yet effective “BilinguaSing Business Method” that delivers the freedom to work where & when you want without having to sacrifice time with your family – all while using your language skills


  • Do you find yourself scrolling through job ads, wanting to apply for something new but knowing deep down it will take you even further away from your family? Forget about switching employers, demoting yourself or going part time, hoping it will fix everything. Instead you’re about to see overlooked secrets which DO make it easy to transition out of employment, have time for self-care and be the best partner, mother and friend you can be!


  • The breakthrough, family-friendly system which is great if tutoring or starting a side hustle hasn’t produced the income that you need, or you’re just sick of waiting for your employer’s approval for that holiday . .


  • And that’s just the beginning….

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