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General FAQs about franchising

How much is a BilinguaSing franchise?

The BilinguaSing franchise fee is £4,995 for a single language franchise (French, German, Italian or Spanish), or £6,995 for a dual language franchise (choose two languages. Either French, German, Italian and/or Spanish). 
You’ll also need to consider things like Public Limited Liability Insurance (around £70 – £100 per year) and Paediatric First Aid training (around £60 – £80 for 3 years), as well as some working capital for things like marketing, equipment and props. We can offer further guidance on this if you decide you’d like to book a discovery call. 
From month 3 you’ll also need to factor in the service fee, which is £147 per month for 1 language, or £197 for 2. 

Where can I buy a franchise?

You can set up your own franchise anywhere in the UK where there’s not already a BilinguaSing franchise in operation (overseas franchises are also available – please enquire directly to discuss options). We’ll allocate you an exclusive territory near your home or preferred place of work.  

Can I franchise in more than one area?

Franchises are awarded based on a geographical territory, but you could opt to purchase additional territories as your business grows (subject to availability).

How much work will I be doing?

Initially, franchisees should aim to run a minimum of 3 BilinguaSing classes per week by the end of their first year, including nurseries, school clubs and sometimes additional parties. However, most franchisees prefer to teach more, with some running in excess of 20 classes per week with the help of additional teachers. Essentially, you choose the hours that you work. 

How many weeks of the year will I be working?

Most BilinguaSing franchisees run classes for at least 36 weeks of the year, following the patterns of the typical school year, and some also run sessions in the holidays, depending on local demand and your availability.

How do I develop my business?

There are lots of ways to grow your business with classes, parties, after school clubs, nursery contracts and sales of merchandise. You have exclusive ownership of your territory and may even choose at some stage to recruit staff to support you as you expand. But don’t worry – our comprehensive training programme covers all aspects of starting and growing your business. 

How much support will I get?

Our BilinguaSing support team is in place to help you at all stages of your business development, including a specific focus on helping you get off to a flying start when you first launch. 
Once you’re up and running, you’ll have ongoing group and one-to-one support with marketing and PR, as well as with any unforeseen issues that may arise from time to time. 
As a new business owner it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but as a BilinguaSing franchisee, you’ll never be alone – support and advice from our franchisee support team is only ever an email or phone call away.