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Hi! I’m Ellie, the founder of BilinguaSing, and these 3 little people are the reason I’m writing this to you today! 
I’d like to start by thanking you for your interest in franchising with BilinguaSing. Something you’ve read on our website has obviously struck a chord, which means we must have something in common. 
Perhaps you’re reading this because you want to improve your work-life balance; you want to dedicate a larger chunk of your precious time to something other than your work every day (such as your family or another passion); you dream of escaping a job that leaves you feeling drained or dispirited; and you’d love to do something of true value while using or developing your language skills. 
Perhaps you’ve had a career break to have your children, and you want to get that piece of your identity back; but there’s nothing out there that inspires you AND fits around the kids’ busy schedules. 
Whatever it is – you’re here to do something that matters and make a difference to people’s lives (including your own), perhaps by sharing the joy of languages with others. 
As someone who can relate to all of the above, I’m here to tell you that it really is possible to banish the Sunday night blues, work on your own terms, wake up each day feeling excited about the day ahead – and get paid for the pleasure! 
We’re extremely proud of our unique, award-winning BilinguaSing brand.
And I’m just as proud of each and every one of our team, all of whom continue to mould BilinguaSing and make us what we are today. We don’t do ordinary – we’re looking for people with a magical glint in their eye, people who have that special ‘something’. 
So if this leaves you feeling enthused and inspired, then please book a discovery call with us so we can explore the possibility of you joining the BilinguaSing family to create your very own flexible, lifestyle business! 
I can’t wait to hear from you!