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BilinguaSing Franchisee Spotlight Blog – Meet Holly!

Welcome to another installment of our BilinguaSing Franchisee Spotlight Blog Series, where each month we get to introduce our fabulous franchisees and share what they have to say about what it’s like to run their very own BilinguaSing franchise!
Here we have Holly, who runs BilinguaSing Surrey…
‘Hello, my name’s Holly and I teach French in Surrey and I’ve been teaching since February 2018, so over three years now and it’s been fab!
I have two children, Lila who’s five and Chester who’s three, and obviously doing this means I spend a lot of time with them at home and I’m still able to take them to school and pick them up! Before BilinguaSing, I was at home full time for a while, before that I was in Learning and Development working for Fedex and I’ve tutored as well alongside.’
‘My favourite BilinguaSing song and why? That’s a really hard question, because I love them all – that’s probably what sold BilinguaSing to me in the first place, because of the songs! Top five, I’d have to say: ‘A Sailor Went to Sea’, all the parents and children love that song and the parachute and running under it! I love calm songs like ‘This is the Beehive’ and ‘Mr French Sun’ – that’s absolutely lovely as well. Of course, ‘Ten Little Instruments’ is a lot of fun to move and dance to.
So I run mostly nursery classes, that’s the class that I focused on in the beginning, and preschool classes for preschoolers and toddlers, aged two to four. And then within the last year, I decided to start a parent and child class and I was running that in Surrey. So I was doing two classes there, one for babies under one and the toddler class. I’ve started to get school classes as well, I have a year 1 and reception class that I go to teach half an hour of French to, which is absolutely fantastic, because at that age they just pick it up so quickly and they love the songs. Each week the progress that you see is just fantastic and really motivating!
I chose BilinguaSing over any other franchise out there because of the conversations I had with Ellie, she was really inspiring – the way she’d started all this on her own on maternity leave and from what it was to what it’s become now with the rebrand, it’s fantastic. Ellie was definitely a big reason for me joining, and everything she has said on the phone has been totally correct, and the support and the resources, everything that’s there to help you and your business become a success has been fantastic.
I’ve been to a couple of language classes, but as soon as I attended a BilinguaSing class with my then under 18 month old, and my daughter who was two or three, how they responded to it and how as a linguist I just loved the songs and really saw the value of them and how teaching through music and singing is just a fantastic way of getting a language to stick and making it fun. I loved the props too, I just loved everything! I loved the setup and thought “this is something that I can do.” I would say seeing a class is when I picked BilinguaSing.
What three things were invaluable? Well, the training weekend was absolutely brilliant, I knew there was going to be resources and things to help you – but I didn’t realise there was everything that you could need! Your facebook is set up, your website, all your social media, your email address including email templates, just everything that you could think of. And there’s so much more today than there was when I started over two years ago as well, all the songs, lesson plans, etc. Also having that support network in terms of the special facebook group for the franchisees, that’s a lovely place where we all chat, share resources and ask questions – we’re all just one BilinguaSing family there, I really got that sense from the beginning, not just from the group but also the fact that Mel and Ellie are always there if you need them, at the end of a phone call or email, especially in the beginning. Yeah the support is fantastic.
The business is always evolving, there have been new songs added since I’ve started, the rebrand has been fantastic and everyone is just working together to try and make BilinguaSing the best it can be. We love all the families that support us and come to our classes, and the BilinguaSing family itself – the franchisees up and down the country – it’s really great to run my own business, but also to have the support and everybody else’s knowledge and experience.
So, if you want to work for yourself and you love music and languages then join BilinguaSing! Come and be a part of the BilinguaSing family. It’s so much fun, it’s really a joy to teach our children through singing and through having lots of fun – that’s what learning languages should be!’
BilinguaSing Surrey 

Where to find Holly:  

Tel: Holly 07500 876550 / Email: holly@bilinguasing.com 

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